Asia Market Development

We offer superior research-based consulting using the best talent, technology and world-class solutions.

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In fostering and building our client relationships with a focus on talent, technology and world-class solutions; we enable our client adapt and maximize market opportunities.

Asia Market Development (AMD) was co-founded in early July, 2013 in Hong Kong as an employee-owned Partnership by two former Greater China marketing information experts who complimented one another through a unique combination of talents and strengths. Both had a belief that an essential “gap” existed in the Greater China market place in providing clients with both timely and actionable information in order to guide and support strategic marketing decisions.
In early August, AMD received funding from a US-based Capital investment firm allowing AMD to enter the complex Greater China market place with scale through talent, technology and world-class solutions allowing to better understand and react to the marketplace in a more efficient and effective manner. In January 2014 AMD established its Singapore office to better serve the groups growing client-base.

AMD offer strategic thinking and a consultative approach to:

With corporate offices in Shanghai, Hong Kong and Singapore, and world-class operations throughout Asia, AMD continues to build on its vision of being a superior research-based consulting firm with the best Talent, Technology and World-class Solutions with a mission to help our clients grow and succeed.